‘Hi Fellas, tonight I nervously arrived at Cafe Fresh for the ManGang meeting and I left feeling more positive than i have felt in a long time.

I cross all the boxes when it comes to mental health issues, only being diagnosed around 8 years ago but knowing i was having troubles all the way through my childhood.

One thing I struggle with most is loneliness, I stay at home most of the week only going out to get the necessaries and never really to socialise or to seek help.

But tonight was different, I entered a room with a group of strangers and left feeling I had known them for a long time. I really does help to talk, vent, shout, swear and even cry.

I’m so glad I’ve found ManGang and hopefully I’ll be able to find my old self in the near future.’

One Man after just one meeting

CoronaVirus / Covid-19 During the limitations that are currently imposed we have moved our meetings to a virtual setting over the zoom platform. Drop us a line via messenger on here or via our facebook page and we’ll send you the links to the meetings.
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