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Stephane ‘Steph’ Guegan Devastatingly died by suicide aged 50 on Tuesday 8 June 2021. He leaves behind his loving wife Ellie and their young son who are both devastated that he was in so much pain that he felt this was the only way to peace.

Ellie has requested that donations are made in lieu of flowers to a us. Please make your donation below, however small, you will be making a big difference to men’s lives.



How Your Donation Will Help

We provide immediate support in whatever way that we can. One of the tools we have at our disposal is bespoke counselling services. Through our network of approved therapists, we can react quickly often within a matter of hours from first contact.  We continue to provide this service for as long as the man requires it.  £30 will fund one session for one man, but the effects of these sessions and the weekly talking groups/activities is priceless and long lasting!


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