Stephane “Steph” Guegan

Stephane ‘Steph’ Guegan Devastatingly died by suicide aged 50 on Tuesday 8 June 2021. He leaves behind his loving wife Ellie and their young son who are both devastated that he was in so much pain that he felt this was the only way to peace.

During his life, Steph touched the lives of a huge range of people through his kindness and generosity. He also felt strongly about issues of injustice and inequality wherever he encountered them and was well-known for his dedication in contributing to good causes.

His friends and family always the most important thing in his life. Steph was renowned for his incredible sense of humour and his love of all things fun!

Following Stephane’s death, Ellie, his family and his friends are determined that his memory and legacy will live on for a long time to come.

Ellie has requested that donations are made in lieu of flowers to a local organisation called the ManGang.

The ManGang is a network of men who believe that ‘it’s not weak to speak’.

The ManGang believe that talking helps ease the pressure modern men face in life and want to break down the stigma of talking about our bad days. ManGang’s support network offers a chat and a laugh every week to all our members in all of our locations

By offering an outlet to men of all ages and backgrounds, we bring together people to show them they are not alone. We all have bad days, and you will be likely to find someone going through the same as you at one of our meetings. Talking and supporting – ManGang are here to help.

How Your Donation Will Help

We provide immediate support in whatever way that we can. One of the tools we have at our disposal is bespoke counselling services. Through our network of approved therapists, we can react quickly often within a matter of hours from first contact.  We continue to provide this service for as long as the man requires it.  £30 will fund one session for one man, but the effects of these sessions and the weekly talking groups/activities is priceless and long lasting!

Connection is so important to us and being valued is right up there as well.  To create these connections and instil a sense of wellbeing we organise regular events – in the past we have been apple harvesting and pressed our own fresh apple juice, we have been gardening, farming, sheep shearing, walking, talking, and building to name just a few!

With lots planned your donation will mean that our service remains accessible to all men at no cost to them.

This page has been established so that we can capture donations from family and friends who wish to give at this time. You can also register your interest in giving to, or being involved in the ManGang by emailing us at

You can donate to Mangang by clicking the “Donate” button at the top of the page and following the very easy process.