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Welcome to ManGang UK

ManGang are the network of men who believe that it’s not weak to speak. We provide a platform for men across Hampshire who struggle with the pressures of modern day life. We want to break down the stigma surrounding mental health. Our groups are free from judgement and allow our members access to conversations with men from all different walks of life that have suffered the same highs and lows.

The aim of ManGang is to show that no matter your background, you are not alone in suffering from poor mental health and you definitely do not have to feel alone when dealing with it.

ManGang was founded by a man who struggled with poor mental health all of his adult life.

Feeling the experience was something no one wanted to talk about, it was bottled up for a long time through fear of judgement.

After losing a friend to suicide in 2017, he set out to break the stigma that led his friend to feeling so isolated and alone. Our aim is to tell men all across the country that they needn’t be alone.

With amazing support from many organisations, our Gang continues to grow and we plan to expand our meetings even further. For every new ManGang member, there is one less man suffering in silence.


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No matter your background, you are welcome at our meetings. Our meetings are every Wednesday starting at 18:30 at the following locations:





We all have bad days and you’ll be likely to find someone going through the same as you at one of our meetings. ManGang are here to help you communicate and break the silence.


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