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Man in the UK takes his own life

About ManGang UK

How it started

ManGang was founded by a man who struggled with poor mental health all of his adult life. Feeling the experience was something no one wanted to talk about, it was bottled up for a long time through fear of judgement.

After losing a friend to suicide in 2017, he set out to break the stigma that led his friend to feeling so isolated and alone. Our aim is to tell men all across the country that they needn’t be alone.

There is support out there for people who feel they have no one, and we are here to supply it.

Who we are

Born out of a tragic circumstance, we set out to make a difference. For too long men have been made to feel emasculated by talking about their mental health.

ManGang are the network of men who believe it’s not weak to speak. We have grown in numbers since our first meeting, and survived COVID by meeting regularly on the Zoom platform.

Continuing to grow and now back to face to face meetings, we have helped remove the negativity around men talking about their issues and show how vital a simple conversation can be.

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What we do

We provide multiple meetings across Southampton and the surrounding areas. These meetings allow men who are struggling with their mental health the chance for conversation.

Our groups are free from judgement, with no BS or hidden agendas – we are simply here to help men talk to one another.

By having a conversation with someone who has faced similar hardships, you can rest assured knowing you’re not alone and get the support that many men have never had. The access to this personal support network means we have been able to help men all across Hampshire speak up about their mental health.

Where we meet

No matter your background, you are welcome at our meetings.

Our meetings are every Wednesday starting at 18:30 at the following locations:

Eastleigh * NOW AT CHANDLERS FORD *   See: [Meetings]





Fareham * TBA * [check back soon for further info]

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