Kirk’s Story

A Q&A Session with Kirk, one of our long time members.

What does ManGang mean to you?

The anchor of support I’ve never had in my life before, this anchor can never break even when I wish it to, its stopping me from going into a whirlpool of negativity & emotional angst & pain.

How long have you been going to ManGang?

I started going to Man Gang back in late July 2020

How has ManGang helped you?

It’s helped me learn more about myself & become kinder to those around me. I still have ups & downs but more ups since joining & if i do have low moments there is always non judgemental support.

I’ve gained confidence & made some good changes by learning to be honest & open minded.

What is the power of ManGang?

Seeing people walk through the door at meetings & see them make the changes they couldn’t outside of the group & then bloom with positivity. Seeing support given in the group chat to those struggling, there’s no catch to the offers of help, it’s just like-minded men who will help if they can & who sometimes go above & beyond with effort & kindness shown.

Why ManGang for you and not other support groups?

I’ll be honest, it’s local & why would i need any other group when i stumbled upon the best group of men I could’ve found.

How has ManGang helped your during Covid-19 and lockdown?

It’s helped by giving encouragement & support needed, at socially distanced meetings & zoom

Describe ManGang in 3 words?

Support, Positivity, Brotherhood