What does ManGang mean to you?

The anchor of support I’ve never had in my life before, this anchor can never break even when I wish it to, its stopping me from going into a whirlpool of negativity & emotional angst & pain.

How long have you been going to ManGang?

I started going to Man Gang back in late July 2020

How has ManGang helped you?

It's helped me learn more about myself & become kinder to those around me. I still have ups & downs but more ups since joining & if i do have low moments there is always non judgemental support.

I’ve gained confidence & made some good changes by learning to be honest & open minded.

What is the power of ManGang?

Seeing people walk through the door at meetings & see them make the changes they couldn’t outside of the group & then bloom with positivity. Seeing support given in the group chat to those struggling, there's no catch to the offers of help, it’s just like-minded men who will help if they can & who sometimes go above & beyond with effort & kindness shown.

Why ManGang for you and not other support groups?

I’ll be honest, it's local & why would i need any other group when i stumbled upon the best group of men I could've found.

How has ManGang helped your during Covid-19 and lockdown?

It’s helped by giving encouragement & support needed, at socially distanced meetings & zoom

Describe ManGang in 3 words?

Support, Positivity, Brotherhood

Kirk ManGang Member

    ASK, if you're living with it.
    LISTEN, if you're not.
    ACT, if you know

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