Where did you hear about ManGang?

Through a mutual friend of Andy Bishop

What made you join ManGang?

Initially to offer some inspiration from my own recovery journey, I stayed as there is great recovery stories and advice.

What is the power of ManGang to you?

Anonymity, non-judgmental, no agenda, voluntary gathering of males in need to talk and a diverse group.

Why ManGang for you and not other support groups?

It’s the first I joined, looked towards and was welcoming, and it fits like a glove

How has ManGang helped you in the early stages of being part of the ManGang?

Accessibility to the group, welcome feeling, approval by others, inclusive to the group straight away.

Describe ManGang in 3 words?

Welcome, inclusive, inspirational

What advise would you give to others thinking of joining the ManGang?

Do it, there is no agenda, its men talking, simple. You can be quiet and reflect or join in and contribute either way your part of the gang….

I initially joined to offer my story and journey of recovery to inspire and offer a creative angle to help others with their mental health. I have since remained and will do so as after a short period in the group I feel welcome and part of the environment. The lads are brilliant and its become something I look forwards to

Jacko ManGang Member

    ASK, if you're living with it.
    LISTEN, if you're not.
    ACT, if you know

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