Roger’s Story

A Q&A Session with Roger, one of our long time members.

What does ManGang mean to you?

Mangang gives me an opportunity to explore my mental health safely with other men and feel the satisfaction of allowing men to explore theirs. Sometime with amazing results.

How long have you been going to ManGang?

I started to attend Mangang at Romsey Café Fresh in Feb 2020.

How has ManGang helped you?

Professionally, by allowing me access to what troubles men and what works in achieving their recovery. ( I am a practicing Counsellor)

Personally: Males in my family have suffered with depression, addiction and bipolar.

I have been a victim of these men as a child. I have seen the suffering they carried day to day and the sometimes-devastating effect if has on their love ones and family.

I am also able to learn about the traits of these maladjustments in my own psyche and prevent them from the damage they could cause me.

What is the power of ManGang?

The power of ManGang is the peer-to-peer groups ability for men to feel safe enough to allow themselves to be honest. When men either speak with honesty, or hear it spoken, great healing seems to be possible.

This in turn seems to reconnect men to their true self and reignites their creativity

Why ManGang for you and not other support groups?

ManGang feels unique to me. Men just able to be men. There is no need to conform to any groups agenda just try and be honest

How has ManGang helped your during Covid-19 and lockdown?

I have been able to enjoy the comradery of the group and stay connected to fantastic human beings.

Describe ManGang in 3 words?

Accessible, Honest, Lifesaving.